Doctors Are Warning – We Should All Stop Using Aluminum When Preparing Food

Do you know what’s the most distributed metal on Earth? It’s aluminum. Aluminum is present in our cookware, kitchen supplies, the water we drink as well as many foods, beverages, and even pills! Aluminum is all over the place and we’re not even aware of it.

We use aluminum foil for cooking almost on a daily basis, and it might be one of the biggest culprits for a variety of ailments. According to a recent study, the foil is not nearly safe as we think, as the heavy metal can leak into our foods when heated. The study tested many foods cooked and reheated with aluminum foil and not surprisingly, it found a lot of the heavy metal in the food afterward.

Now, eating a piece of meat with a bit of aluminum once shouldn’t be a big problem, but considering how often we use aluminum foil to prepare food, it can accumulate in our tissues and organs, leading to the development of serious health problems.

Dr. Zubaidy, one of the leading authors of the study says that the higher the temperature during the cooking, the more aluminum ends up in the food. This means that aluminum foil is obsolete and shouldn’t be used for food preparation at all. Fortunately, scientists agree that the foil is suitable for wrapping cold foods as the heavy metal doesn’t seem to leech in food when not heated.

Besides the heavy presence of aluminum in foods prepared with aluminum foil, the metal has also been found in various food additives. The problem is that our body doesn’t need aluminum at all – it’s so toxic to us that higher amounts of it can actually be very dangerous. As the body doesn’t need aluminum, it doesn’t know what to do with it. It will remove some, but as it builds up over time in our organs, it can seriously damage our health.

Here’s what aluminum can do to our body and organs:

Destroys the Central Nervous System

In the early 2000s, exposure to aluminum has been linked to a variety of central nervous system disorders as well as autism in children. A large number of children exposed to a high level of aluminum in water are suffering from autism, which links the metal to the disorder. Additionally, aluminum has been related to Alzheimer’s disease and Lytico-bodig disease in adults.

Depletes Your Body of Minerals

Exposing your brain to a lot of aluminum will eventually help the metal pass the blood-brain barrier and accumulate in various brain regions. The high level of aluminum can cause toxic damage to the cells and over time, the metal will compete with other minerals the brain needs, effectively leaving them to waste.

Damages the Brain

According to recent research, aluminum can cause oxidative and toxic stress to the brain, leading to the development of various neurological disorders such as ADD or epilepsy.

Damages the Bones

Aluminum doesn’t accumulate only in the brain – it can build up around bone tissue as well, resulting in increased risk of osteoporosis.

In order to avoid the dangers it brings, we suggest cutting aluminum out of your diet entirely. Always buy aluminum-free products if you want to keep yourself and your family healthy.