Learn How Your Face Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick and What To Do About It.

A lip twitch or a wink – a face can tell you whether a person is lying or if they are attracted to you. But did you know that your face can hold a lot of inner secrets too – especially its talent of revealing if your body is sick and that you may be suffering? It’s a technique that ancient Chinese healers used and they knew it so well that they could even detect complicated diseases by just spotting an acne pattern or dry skin on your face.

Face Mapping

Acne on your face can tell many things about your body’s health. This non-invasive way of understanding your health problems by observing the position of acne is known as face mapping. Our body is intricately connected – no wonder ifone part has a problem, it shows up in another location. A competent doctor caneasily know what’s wrong with you.

Organ face mapping

Certain malfunctions of an organ could be the reason for acne breakouts but it’s always better if you could understand the exact organ that is creating a problem. You can easily place it based on which part of your face is being affected by an acne breakout. These affected areas can indicate problems in certain organs:-

1. Around your eyebrows might be a liver problem

Meat can overwork your stomach and liver. It takes a lot of time to digest and after the hard work, your digestive system deserves a rest. Nourish it with fruits and green vegetables, take a walk, and breathe the fresh air outside. It’s a wonderful cure.

2. Forehead acne indicate small intestine and bladder problem

Too much fatty and processed food can break out acne on your forehead. Stress and alcohol can also lead to stomach issues and dehydration. Start having about twelve glasses of water each day and steer clear from processed food and alcohol. Stay healthy – stay hydrated.

3. Around the eye and eyebrows could indicate problems in kidneys

Dehydration can cause acne around this area. Smoking, weakened heart and alcohol abuse are some of the symptoms. Don’t go for caffeine anymore. Stop using alcohol. Rather, have lots of water to cleanse the system and reset it.

4. Cheeks could indicate problems in lungs and kidneys

If you don’t take care of your teeth, the acne breakout on your cheek might be telling you to do so. Start brushing and flossing DAILY, and don’t go for sugary items too much.

5. Upper cheek can indicate problems in lungs

Air pollution is already affecting our lungs. Acne breakout in the upper cheeks can be a sign of more intake of polluted air. Stop going out frequently and quit smoking ASAP.

6. Nose acne can mean problems in the heart

Nose acne could indicate problems in your heart. Eat healthily and stop taking too much salt with your food. Do some cardio to make the blood healthier and powerful.

7. Acne of mouth and chin can mean problems in the stomach

The mouth is connected to the stomach. Consumption of sugary foods and alcohol can affect your stomach badly. Avoid them and start adding fermented food in your diet for easier digestion.

8. Neck and Jaw acne indicate hormonal problems

Hormonal imbalance can result in acne on neck and jaw. To get your hormones back in control, take a little salt and reduce your caffeine intake. A healthy diet is a great way to go. It’s unbelievable how many secrets are hidden in our body. The ancient people knew how things worked– they were more connected with nature and themselves than we are. Let’s use apart of their knowledge and start bringing in changes in our lifestyle for ahealthy and better future.