How To Eat Ampalaya To Improve Digestion, Lower Blood Sugar And Breakdown Kidney Stones

Nowadays, people are more into eating instant, processed and canned foods. Our world never sleeps, so as the people living on it. With all our busy schedules, deadlines, paperworks in school, office or business, we have no time to prepare or cook food. Instead, we stock instant and ready to eat food as the least convenient way after a busy day.

We all know that these kinds of food are high in fatty acids and prone to toxins that affect our internal organs. The most responsible organ that process and filter this toxics is the liver. When the liver doesn’t function well, the kidney is affected by the toxins in the blood that results in accumulation of toxins that leads to diseases.

Did you know that eating bitter vegetable and herbs will support both the function of liver and kidney?

According to research, eating vegetables and herbs with bitter taste improves the function of liver and kidney. Bitter plants are often connected to plants that have poisonous compounds like alkaloids. Nevertheless, eating a little small amount of this can be a treatment for some diseases.

Why should we eat bitter foods?

Bitter foods have nutritional and health benefits that we often missed. Aside from that fact, bitter foods help activates physiological responses. It stimulates the flow of digestive acids which helps in food digestion and nutritional absorption. People who suffer from acid reflux will benefit on this by consuming it before a meal. Bitter foods have the ability to treat leaky guts and improve the health of gut flora. The digestive system is very important and its to improve its function is to eat bitter foods.

If you want to manage your weight by not eating too much, bitter foods can help you with that, It helps improve your appetite and prevents you to eat too much. Also, its alkaline properties help reduce the acid reaction. The more acidic the body is, the more it is prone to virus and parasites that lead to numerous diseases. It also treats ulcer, lower sugar levels, and balance the hormones. Bitter food especially bitter melon is a natural way to break kidney stones.

If you want to get all its nutritional and health benefits, you must endure its bitterness. It will activate the neural reflexes and hormones released as a result of the stimulation of bitter taste receptors.

How to make bitter gourd juice.

Gourd juice is a natural way of eliminating kidney stones. A daily dose of it for a month will eliminate kidney stones on your urination.

You need:

1. 6 to 8 pieces of small bitter gourd or 3 pieces of huge bitter gourd. (Rinse clean and get rid of its seeds)

2. ¼ organic lemon with peel

3. 1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil

First, extract bitter gourd and lemon and add a tablespoon of olive oil. Use a small immersion blender to utilize the olive oil. Drink it daily with a lot of water. After 3 days, the kidney stones will eventually be eliminated in your urination.

Bitter gourd is too bitter. So if you are not used to drinking bitter, drink in small amounts and observe if there’s reaction on you.