Garlic Kills 14 Types Of Cancer And 13 Types Of Bacterial Infections

The Garlic is well-known as a remarkably efficient vegetable that can provide plenty of health benefits. The list of illnesses that can be eliminated with the consumption of garlic is really long. 

Some of them are listed below:

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, including drug-immune strains

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

Thrush (fungal infection caused by the overgrowth of Candida albicans in oral cavity)

Cytomegalovirus infections

Helicobacter pylori bacterial infections

Mycotoxin-related aflatoxicosis

Candida (yeast) infections

HIV-1 infections

Klebsiella infections

Mycobacterium tuberculosis, multiple-drug resilient clostridium infections

Streptococcus infection (Group B)

Vibrio infections

Virus-like bacterial infections: herpes (type 1 and 2), vesicular stomatitis, parainfluenza virus (type 3), vaccinia virus and rhinovirus (type 2).

This has been a very impressive smattering of research. But this is most likely only the beginning with regards to garlic’s power to fight numerous infections. Although conventional antibiotics aren’t only failing, but also gathering viruses and bacteria into a greater fatality. We simply cannot wait for some multi-billion dollars’ clinical trial-based drug authorization process to turn its focus on non-patentable natural products. Such approach that is oriented by the profit would be really unethical.

The use of garlic as a treatment for many diseases and malignancies has been integrated for centuries, dating back to Hippocrates who advised his patients to eat huge amounts of smashed garlic in order to treat their cancer. If you decide to use the garlic as an anti-fungal treatment for your cancer, then you are going to need a daily consumption of at least 5-6 cloves of garlic (crushed).

A whole pod of garlic usually has about 12 cloves. You should let the cloves sit for at least fifteen minutes after you crush them. This is the time period needed for them to release an alliinase enzyme which produces the anti-cancer and anti-fungal components. You can consume fresh or even cooked garlic in a sandwich or any other meal. Scientific studies have found that garlic supplements don’t provide the same anti-fungal and anti-cancer effects.

The Garlic also plays a significant role in preventing or dealing with more than 150 health problems. With a range from diabetes to cancer, plaque buildup in the arteries to infections, mercury poisoning to DNA damage and so on.

The garlic has benefit in 167 health problems and diseases. However, the majority of studies indicates that the most dominant role of the garlic is in treating or preventing heart conditions and cancer; the two primary death causes in high-income countries, as it was shown in the researches on Versus the Developed World’s top two Killer Illnesses.

Furthermore, within a world mesmerized by the phony promises of pharmaceutic organization marketing copy; and also overwhelmed with highly advertised health dietary supplements and a lot of those are in fact manufactured by the exact same companies creating a killing off trademarked chemical substances (for example, Pfizer owns Centrum and Bayer owns One A Day) it really is comforting to know that kitchen pantry won’t fail us.

Affordable, beneficial, safe and tasty, numerous spices are attaining worldwide recognition for being literally lifesaving, which is the main reason why, centuries ago, many were valued in their actual weight in gold.

Nowadays, the benefits of the ancient natural folk remedies like garlic are being verified by experts. Therefore when it comes to the conventional medical organization, blighted by the epistemological condition called myopia, is regarded as the only logical way to conclude the truth. Not to mention the millions of people who, since ancient times, have used different standards for verifying if some remedy is effective or not: If it’s showing good results and it doesn’t harm the overall health and wellbeing then it is true and effective – simple, yet effective method.