Face Mask To Remove Scars, Stains, Acne In Just 2 Uses

Our skin needs protection from toxins and bad items. So you need proper skin care all the time.

Acne is made from teenage years and hormones, and as time goes on scars might linger. Use these good masks and reduce damage, stains, spots, scars, wrinkles.

Cinnamon and nutmeg with honey– cinnamon removes bacteria and diseases, removes fungi, viruses too and inflammation. Honey speeds up healing and cleanses skin and lemon makes it bright. Mix them all and make a paste. if your skin is sensitive, skip the lemon. Avoid eyes and mouth for the mask and after 10-30 min, rinse and apply cream

Aloe and turmeric– this is amazing too and has enzymes and polysaccharides too for detox and skin moisture. Mix 1 tsp aloe and turmeric, make paste and apply. After 20 min wash.

Milk and honey– this fights breakouts and makes skin whiter. Have 1 tbsp milk and add honey 1 tbsp. after 10 min rinse.

Banana and avocado– these have vitamins and rejuvenate skin to make it soft. Cut the fruits and blend them. Add honey or olive oil. Wash the face, apply mask and rinse with water.

Papaya and honey– papaya slows down aging and goes deep in skin wrinkles and lightens skin too. It has papain, enzyme that stops inflammation and pus. Make mask of papaya and honey and after 10 min rinse. Skin will be smooth and glowing. Also tight and with no dead cells.


All these masks are amazing and can replace costly salons. Also they are natural with no chemicals, protect from the sun and remove blemishes too.