7 Best Foods for Your Liver

The liver is a known powerhouse of an organ. It performs various essential tasks, ranging from producing cholesterol, proteins, and bile to storing minerals, vitamins, and even carbohydrates.

Also, it breaks down toxins like medications, alcohol, and natural byproducts of metabolism. Keeping your liver in good shape is essential for maintaining health.

Below are the list of foods you should eat to keep your liver healthy.

7 Best Foods That Protect Your Liver:

1. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and mustard greens are known for their distinctive taste and high fiber content. Also, they are high in beneficial plant compounds.

Animal studies showed that Brussels sprouts and broccoli sprout extract protect the liver from damage and increase levels of detoxification enzymes.

A study in human liver cells reported that this effect remained even when Brussels sprouts were cooked.

While a recent study in men who have fatty liver reported that broccoli sprout extract, which is high in beneficial plant compounds, decreased oxidative stress and improved liver enzyme levels .
The same study reported that the broccoli sprout extract prevented liver failure in rats.

Studies in human are limited. But, so far, cruciferous vegetables look very promising as a beneficial food for liver health.

You can try lightly roasting them with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar and garlic to turn them into a healthy and tasty dish.

2. Grapefruit

The World Journal of Gastroenterology study mentioned grapefruit as a helpful food. Grapefruit contains 2 primary antioxidants: naringenin and naringin. These may help protect the liver from injury by protecting the liver cells and reducing inflammation.

Also, the compounds may increase the enzymes that burn fat and reduce fat buildup in the liver. This may make grapefruit a helpful tool in fighting against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

3. Garlic

Adding garlic to your diet may also help stimulate the liver. A 2016 study in the journal Advanced Biomedical Research noted that garlic consumption reduces fat content and body weight in people with NAFLD, with no changes to lean body mass. This is beneficial, as being obese or overweight is a contributing factor to NAFLD.

4. Green Tea
A 2015 study in the World Journal of Gastroenterology notesd that green tea may help fight against oxidative stress, reduce overall fat content, and reduce other signs of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

It is important to remember that tea may be better than extracts, as some extracts may damage your liver rather than heal it.

Also, the study noted that there are still no specific recommendations for people with this condition to consume tea extracts or tea, but the link to liver health is promising.

5. Nuts

The same study said that eating nuts may be another easy way to keep the liver healthy and protect against NAFLD. Nuts generally contain vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidants. These compounds may help prevent NAFLD, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

Eating a handful of nuts, including almonds or walnuts, daily may help maintain liver health. People should be sure not to eat too many, because nuts are high in calories.

6. Red and Bright Purple Berries

“Blackberries, blueberries, cranberries and similar foods are filled with a group of compounds called polyphenols. These substances help protect liver cells from damage and supply antioxidants to reduce free-radical damage in liver tissue,” according to Suzanne Dixon, registered dietitian with The Mesothelioma Center..

Add some to yogurt for double the benefits, or enjoy a handful when you’re craving something sweet and satisfying.

7. Water

One of the best things you can do for your liver is to maintain a healthy weight. Get in the habit of drinking water instead of sweetened drinks such as sports drinks or sodas. You will be amazed at how many calories it will save you each day.

The liver plays a very important role in your body. While it largely takes care of itself, a person can help to maintain liver health by eating certain foods and drinks.

Also, there are many types of food that may harm the liver.

Choosing foods that are good for your liver can help you avoid potential health issues in the future.