Prescription Painkiller Tramadol ‘Claiming More Lives Than Any Other Drug’

The best pathologist from Northern Ireland claims that the tramadol -- the most famous painkiller in the world, is taking much more lives than any other drug in the world, including the cocaine and heroin.
If this prescribed drug is taken properly and the rules are followed, then it cannot cause any harm, but it will if someone who is taking it, mixes it with alcohol and other drugs as well.

There was a research done, and at the end of the research it was found that there were 33 people who lost their lives from this drug, there was one pensioner in his late 70’s and a 16 year old girl!

There are many pathologists that want this drug, which has a purpose to treat severe or moderate pain, to be available only on prescription, among them is professor Jack Crane as well. But 2014 is the year when tramadol became a class C drug which required no prescription to be purchased.
There are some other anti-drug campaigners, that also claim that even more people are using it and turn to the so called black market.

Professor Jack Crane, also is against this and has reported that he is afraid that even more people will lose their lives if there isn’t any action taken, and this drug is not taken away from that illegal or black market. Professor Crane also wants this drug to be sorted as a class A drug, instead of a class C drug.

Also professor Crane has arranged himself a meeting with the Chief Medical Officer of Northern Ireland, because he wants to make a change!