How to Use Baking Soda to Wash Off 90% of All Toxic Pesticides from Your Fruits and Vegetables

The most versatile product that you have in your kitchen almost at every moment is the baking soda. Despite that it is widely used for many purposes, according to the latest researches, baking soda has the ability to kill 90% of the pesticides that live on the veggies and fruits.

According to a study from the University of Massachusetts, amazing results were found at the end. The study was preformed on gala apples, and the efficiency of this method was proven scientifically!

Researchers for the team have applied the 2 most common pesticides on gala apples, phosmet and thiabendazole. The first pesticide is an insectide, and the second one is a fungicide.

The gala apples were washed 3 times, with 3 different mixtures or liquids. There was the most used commercial bleach solution, which is actually approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), another one was the 1% baking soda/water solution and of course tap water.

The gala apples were put in the baking soda solution for 2 minutes only, and the pesticides were eliminated. But if you want to get rid of those pesticides 100%, then you need to wait for them to be soaked for about 15 minutes.

The baking soda is able to eliminate the pesticides from the fruits and veggies in an eco-friendly way and it is totally harmless, because it is an alkaline salt.

You just need to fill a large bowl with water, and mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda inside it, and soak them inside for a while, or several times.

You can boost this process if you are willing to scrub the product with a brush while it is soaked inside the mixture. This is a very effective way to cleanse muskmelons, because they have a very weird way of stacking microbes and dirt in their crannies and nooks that they have on their rinds.

While we are at the kitchen, here are some uses of the baking soda in it:

Reduces the vinegar’s taste
Reduces the smell of fish
Tenderizes the meat
Fluff your homemade omelets
Bake some better beans
Clean the cast-iron cookware
Clean a coffee maker with it
The grease stains of stovetops
Clean your microwave with it
Clean your fridge as well
Quickly reduces acid recipes
Deodorize your dishwasher with it
Make a natural dishwashing detergent
Reduces the taste of the vinegar
Eliminates bad odor from your hands
The dishwashing liquid’s effects are improved
Clean a clogged drain
Clean a cutting board
Clean some accessories and baby bottles
Shine some stainless steel chrome trim and
Cleanse your thermos
Eliminates tea and coffee stains from China
Deodorize your garbage pail