Acne Free Skin Using Cumin

Cumin has been widely known for its medicinal value as well health value and is commonly used as additional ingredient in most dishes. It is also a popular spice used in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian cooking. Its seeds has aromatic and nutty flavor which gives the food that earthy flavor.
In this article you will learn how to use this spice as a main ingredient for homemade recipe to cure those irritating acne on your face.

To start with the process, you will need to prepare the following ingredients:
- 8 to 10 drops of black cumin seed oil
- 1 teaspoon raw honey

Before we go through the process of creating the mask, let us first look at the details of each ingredients and know why they are effective in treating those acne build up in your face while keeping it moisturized.

Cumin – this contains relevant amount of vitamin E which is effective in keeping your skin glowing. Aside from this, cumin has anti-fungal properties which actively gets rid of fungi and bacteria from your pores thus protecting your skin from infections that can lead to acne and other skin problems.

Honey – this is also known as natural humectant which means that it can keep your skin moisturized thus making it soft and supple. It also has the ability to draw out excess oils in your skin and reduce the redness as well swelling of acne. This is possible because honey has its anti-inflammatory properties. 


1. Gather all the ingredients in a clean bowl.
2. Mix all the ingredients properly.
3. Apply the mixture on a cleansed face and neck or on the affected area only.
4. Gently massage in circular and upward motion for 3-5 minutes. Then leave it for 30 minutes.
5. Wipe it off with clean damp cloth.

Note: You can perform this step three to four times a week to get rid of acne.