Simple Recipe For Homemade Acne Pads

Acne comes out because hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells. Oily skin is also a great factor for you to have acne's.

Since acne is one of the main skin problems especially in the face, there are lot's of product being offered to at least eliminate them.

One of this product is the acne pads which is applied on your face to control excess oil, fight off bacteria, and get rid of breakouts

In this article you will learn how to create your own acne pads using natural ingredients.

You will need:

- 1 cup alcohol free witch hazel
- 20-30 drops essential oil of your choice
- round cottons
- airtight jar or container


1. Fill the clean jar or container with round cottons.
2. Pour witch hazel to the container just enough to cover the round cottons.
3. Add drops of your preferred essential oil
4. Shake the container so that the cottons will absorb the mixture.
5. Clean your face before applying the cotton pads on your acne.