Lip Patch Recipe For Softer And Plumper Lips

Lip patches such as eye patches soothes the skin giving it a more radiant look. When it comes to beauty talks, dry cracked lips is a big no no because your lipstick will not work well if that is the condition of your lips.

That is why it is advised to at least scrub your lips and moisturize it before using any lipstick. In this article we will share a very simple recipe you can try at home. Are you ready?

You will need: 

- 1 tablespoon pure castor oil
- 1 tablespoon pure almond oil
- 1 teaspoon organic beetroot powder

Castor oil and almond oil works together to moisturize the skin in your lips and around it. It also lightens the pigmentation in your lips. While beetroot functions to keep your lips healthy and looks rosy.


1. Mix castor oil and almond oil in a bowl.
2. Add the beetroot powder and stir them well until it turns into a paste like texture.
3. Cut a cotton pad or a thick paper towel in the shape of your lips or just an oval shape that would fit your lips.
4. Soak it in the paste.
5. Apply on clean lips and leave it there for up to 15 minutes before removing the patch. Massage your lips and wipe off the excess.

* Perform patch test.
* Use this oil patch twice a week for best results.