Lemonade Lip Balm Recipe

Lip balm are essential to help soothe dry, cracked lips. While there are lot's of different commercial lip balms. You can make a choice to create your own lip balm at home.

This article will share you a simple recipe on how to create a lip balm using lemon as the main ingredient.

You will need:

- 1/2 oz beeswax
- 1 tbsp coconut oil
- 1/2 tbsp cocoa butter
- 1/2 tbsp shea butter
- 15 drops lemon essential oil


1. Mix beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter in a bowl.
2. Fill the sauce pan with 1-2 inches of water and put the bowl in it. Heat the pan while stiring the ingredients in a bowl until they melt.
3. Once the ingredients are completely melted remove the sauce pan from heat and add 15 drops of lemon essential oil to it while stirring quickly before the mixture starts to harden.
4. Pour the mixture in your preferred container.
5. Store in room temperature to harden.