After-Sun Spray Recipe

Going to the beach is a very much appreciated past time for a lot of us but staying there for a longer period of time can make us exposed in sunlight. This exposure can irritate our skin if not treated properly.

There are sun screen protection available in the market as well as after-sun spray and creams. If you would want to consider creating your own natural after-sun spray, this article is perfect for you.

We have prepared a very simple recipe which you can perform at the comfort of your home. Are you ready?

You will need:

- 1 cup filtered/mineral water
- 3 tablespoons aloe Vera gel
- 10 drops lavender oil


1. Pour the filtered or mineral water in a jar or bowl.
2. Add aloe Vera and stir until it is properly mixed with the water.
3. Add the lavender oil and stir it again.
4. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle.
5. Shake well before using.

* Perform patch test before using.
* Spray all over your skin after being exposed to the sun.
* Massage your skin.