Natural Self Tanner

Some people really invest time and money just to get that beautiful tanned skin. They prefer going to the beach or tanning salon to achieve a sun-bathed skin look.

Commercial tanners also smell terrible and they’re messy. If you want to cut all those chemicals and cost you will pay in salon and going to the beach, this article is perfect for you because we will be sharing a simple homemade recipe for self tanning.

You will need:

- Pre-brewed black tea or black coffee
- Few drops vanilla essence or any other essence of your choice
- A spray bottle


1. Sit aside the pre-brewed black tea or coffee. Let it cool for half an hour.
2. Once it is already cool, squeeze a few drops of vanilla essence to it.
3. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and your good to go.

How to apply the skin tanner:

* Make sure your skin is exfoliated. For areas like legs and arms scrub it with washcloth a few hours before the application.
* Spray the tanner on your skin and gently rub it with your palms.
*You may layer the spray 4-5 times as it quickly gets absorbed in the skin.